Email Marketing Campaigns – How to Maximize Open Rate For Better Open Rate

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Email Marketing Campaigns – How to Maximize Open Rate For Better Open Rate

Subject lines can often be one of the more troublesome elements of email marketing. Often they are too short and take you so long to craft an effective message that they are often ignored. Additionally, because they have such a major role to play in your email marketing campaign, many marketers are riddled with a few common queries: is shorter subject lines better than longer ones? What’s the effect of varying subject line lengths on open rates?

Longer Subject Lines One of the biggest email marketing tips out there advises you to make sure your subject lines are long enough to warrant your recipient reading the whole message. However, when you’re dealing with highly targeted prospects, it can sometimes backfire. Inexperienced marketers who don’t pay attention to length can have their recipients scammed out of money or even worse, their email folders filled with spam.

Exclamation Points and the Role of the Title Another email marketing tactic that many online entrepreneurs forget is the role of the title. In addition to having your subject line play a critical role in your email marketing efforts, the title can also dictate how readers will view your emails. Research shows that when recipients open emails that have strong titles, the chances of those emails being opened increase by five times. On the flip side, recipients of email marketing that don’t make any sense receive nothing from your campaign.

Effective Subject Lines One of the biggest email marketing tips out there advises that you have to craft extremely effective subject lines. The subject lines are very important because they’re what will make your emails stand apart from the millions of emails sent each day. Not only does the subject line help set the tone for your email, but it also determines whether or not your emails will be opened.

Emoticons and Typographical Errors can also decrease your open rates. In fact, most of the Twitterati believes that Emoticon is the single most influential factor determining the open rates of any email. An Emoticon is an action, which can represent a facial expression, an image or just a concept. When included in your email, your recipient should open and read your email just to see what the Emoticon represents. However, avoid using words as your subject line, as this will decrease your click-through rate.

Be Unique Yet Relevant Always remember that your subject line is just one aspect of your email content. Your content, the messages you send and the overall message should be relevant to your readers. You don’t want to spam your email with irrelevant ads and other spammy content, as this will turn readers off. As mentioned above, you want to entice your audience to open and read your emails, so make sure to deliver a valuable subject line and deliver valuable content.

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