How to Use WeChat Marketing to Build Your Brand in China Social Media

WeChat Marketing

WeChat Marketing is a powerful tool for businesses to build their brands in China. By harnessing the power of word-of-mouth, brands can easily get their message in front of their target customers. By creating correspondent groups, businesses can share exclusive information directly with their followers. In addition, they can introduce new products, collections and events.

There are 3 major types of WeChat advertisements: Moments Ads, Official Accounts Ads, and Mini App Ads. Each of these formats can target specific demographics and can include up to 40 characters. The ads can be personalized to the viewer’s age, gender, and location. The starting bid for a campaign is 50,000 RMB.

For advertising on WeChat, an ad sticker is required. It can be a static image or a video ad. The ad will appear in the official account of a brand and will be displayed before the video content. It works much like YouTube ads. The ad will be shown only to the most relevant users.

Another way to market on WeChat is to create groups. These groups are a place for people with common interests. By promoting your brand through a group, you can provide incentives for members to purchase your products. You can also offer e-coupons or virtual VIP cards. However, remember that the members must get real benefit from your business in order for them to join a group.

More brands are using Mini Programs to promote their products and services. As of 2018, 18% of mini-programs are devoted to e-commerce. But brands should be careful not to divert their campaign traffic from their Official Account to the Mini Program, as this will result in a loss of opportunity to convert visitors into followers. In addition, only a small percentage of the MP traffic will return to the Official Account.

WeChat allows you to target a specific group of people by categorizing their behavior and interests. It also offers you the opportunity to create mini apps that are useful for answering questions or providing customer service. WeChat also has the capability of offering games and payments through the WeChat QR Code. This makes the app more accessible to customers and enables them to connect without having to enter their numbers.

If you want to know more about WeChat marketing, check out some of these examples. Using videos is becoming a vital part of marketing on WeChat. One brand that has taken advantage of this marketing tool is Coach. The company launched a campaign on Weibo called Coach Footprints. It encourages users to post a photo of their favorite moon during the Mid-Autumn Festival and select three lucky winners. In this way, the brand is engaging their Chinese customers and showing them that they care about their welfare.

Moments ads are another popular way to advertise on WeChat. They are a form of advertising that looks like organic posts. They are often targeted by region, age, education and interests. The ads are displayed at the top or bottom of articles on WeChat. The ads are usually cost per thousand exposures.

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