4 Ways to Make the Most of YouTube Marketing

Youtube Marketing

4 Ways to Make the Most of YouTube Marketing

One-thirds of all time on the internet is spent watching video, and YouTube boasts over a billion active monthly users. Video marketing allows companies to present unique, engaging content that is easy for viewers to share and consume. But creating a video that will attract customers, generate leads, and help your business succeed takes a little more creativity than turning on the camera and getting paid to do it. Many marketing professionals have honed their skills by producing and directing short, informative, value-added videos that provide insight into their industry or personal interests. But creating the perfect video requires much more than technical know-how; creative digital marketing experts can ensure their creative video marketing results have real impact by understanding the different ways they can reach their audience.

“When I make videos for my clients, I try to address their wants and needs as accurately as possible,” says Daniblac, a filmmaker who specializes in social video marketing. “I begin by learning what interests them, so I can incorporate that into the story line. From there, I work with the client to determine the most effective style of video that captures their interests, then I work to translate those interests into words that viewers can understand.” YouTube offers many different creative options when it comes to filming, editing, and sharing your videos with your audience. Creative YouTube videos are an excellent way to establish yourself as an expert in your field.

YouTube Marketing Tip: The kind of video you make can have a big impact on how you appear in searches. “achaizing” a video means to record an entertaining commercial first, then submit it to YouTube and other video directories. Your video will appear higher in searches if it fits with the theme of your marketing message. This YouTube Marketing Tip focuses on how you can gain exposure by posting video advertisements for your products or services.

“YouTube marketing”, also known as YouTube Pay Per View marketing, is simply a system that permits internet users to access targeted video advertisements. The process is simple. You create an account at YouTube, select your product and select relevant categories. Next, you upload any promotional video related to your brand to your channel. Anytime a visitor views your video advertisement, they are provided with a link to view your brand’s website where they can learn more about your products or learn which affiliates are offering the product.

YouTube Marketing Tip: For optimal effectiveness, add YouTube search strings to your videos. Encourage viewers to search for key words related to your business. For example, if you own a business providing construction services, you could include phrases such as “handyman services,” “construction project management,” “building supplies,” and “demolition services.” In addition, you could also add YouTube search tags that include your brand and provide viewers with the option to view a closed captions box so they can get more information about the video they just watched.

The final YouTube Marketing Tip focuses on optimizing your videos for optimal playback on mobile devices. Unlike videos on most other platforms, YouTube mobile users are limited to the low quality streaming videos that are heavily compressed. To make your videos mobile friendly, you will want to include bitrates that are similar to what is offered on computers such as MP3. This ensures that your video will play smoothly on mobile devices and will load quickly.

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