WeChat Marketing – A Mini-Program For China Social Media

WeChat is the fastest growing social network in the world, and is used by nearly every smartphone group in China. As such, WeChat is a crucial marketing platform. Moreover, WeChat is integrated into the everyday lives of its users. In fact, it has become a new way to connect and do almost everything – from paying bills to playing games. In addition, you can even access government services through WeChat.

WeChat Marketing

With the rapid growth of WeChat, a company can now leverage its influence in the Chinese market by developing an effective WeChat Marketing strategy. The platform has a reach of up to 980 million Chinese consumers, and OctoPlus Media can help them tap into this market share. WeChat has more than 20 million official accounts (OA) and has a large user base. Over half of WeChat users follow at least one OA, and nearly forty percent spend over 30 minutes per day reading articles on these accounts. Moreover, weChat has a feature called “Gap” which allows offline businesses to interact with nearby users.

When it comes to publishing content on WeChat, it is essential to select the right account. The subscription account is best suited for regular publishing of articles on the platform. This account allows you to post one broadcast message with up to six articles a day, but it doesn’t send push notifications to followers. A service account has more flexibility and allows you to send up to four push notifications per month. For consistent publishing, you can use service accounts.

Moment ads are a great way to target specific groups. These ads can be targeted to users who have visited your official account or viewed your previous advertisements. With this feature, you can also exclude users who have previously shown interest in your content. The ads appear for 48 hours on average, but they disappear after six hours. This feature increases the likelihood that your advertisement will be seen by many people, increasing the number of potential customers. So, it is essential to optimize your WeChat Marketing campaigns to maximize your ROI.

There are various types of WeChat marketing strategies that you can use. The most common ones are banner ads and text-based advertising. In fact, many businesses have already begun using WeChat as a marketing platform for their products and services. A successful WeChat campaign will provide a great return on investment. A few of these strategies can even generate high revenue. So, weChat marketing is not as complicated as you think. The best strategy is to target a group of users by using the various tools available on the app.

The most important aspect of WeChat is that it is multi-channel. If you can integrate other WeChat services with your mini-program, you can easily increase your revenue. You can also use WeChat to create a CRM. By creating a WeChat marketing program, you can use the same strategies that you would in a traditional marketing strategy. For example, you can create a mini-game that matches the theme of your products.

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